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Your Freight Forwarding Service Specialists

Since opening our doors for business back in 2014, Confident Freight Forwarding Ltd has been associated with a high level of quality and professionalism. That’s largely because of our concerted effort to deepen the connections we have  and to continuously improve the personalised services we provide.


Confident Freight Forwarding Limited is an energetic company with wide experience that provides transportation and logistics services by road for import/export from UK, Europe, Baltics & CIS countries. 


Our specialist knowledge of global logistics in various industries could help us deliver a really strong service to your company and hopefully develop a long term partnership.


We operate our own road freight service and work with reliable carriers that have proven themselves in the field of freight as bona fide partners. We have many of our agents around the world which gives Confident Freight Forwarding Ltd the flexibility to adopt to your every need. 


We strive to get it right first time each time and get along every shipment with the care and attention you would expect. Our services are extensive and personalised to your specific requirements with all arrangements and documentation taken care of by our dedicated team. 

Our company offer 24/48 h express deliveries to most European destinations as well as many other services. As we are well aware of how very important it would be for a manager or owner of a business to deliver their work assignments on time. Being in position, that the satisfaction of your clients on the front line, you will want to accomplish your tasks on time. We value our customers and their need to be on time with everything that they do, as we do understand the importance of time and we value it immensely. 


Confident Freight Forwarding Ltd offer reasonable prices compared to other freight courier companies. The drivers typically follow the shortest and most convenient routes that ensure that transport costs are kept low. With CFF you can get personalised freight shipping quotes, rather than the fixed rates used by transportation companies.

No matter what the size, complexity or deadline of your consignment, Confident Freight Forwarding Ltd team will provide you with the highest level of service.

You can read more about us below or go through services we offer on the Our Services page.


We seek professional and continuous cooperation with our customers and partners.

All business is transacted in accordance with latest BIFA Standard Trading Conditions a copy of which is available upon request.    Registered Nr. 3178

To find out how our company comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, read our Company Privacy Notice and Cookies & Privacy policy.


Quality means conformance to customer requirements, so our goal is to develop the services that will save our customers time and money. We have directed ourselves on offering  fast, reliable, efficient and cost effective transport services.


You’ll trust us as a partner that knows how to handle your transportation needs with efficiency and precision. We pride to do the job right first time and on time. We are CONFIDENT freight forwarders.


We are offering flexible solutions that fit your needs.
Whether it is a small parcel or full trailer load, we are passionate about providing our customers a first class level of customer service.

Reliable partners

We hold our carriers in the highest regard, because without them our shipments would not be moved.

We work in partnership, with customers, suppliers and staff to continually strive for pro-active improvements with cost effective logistics solutions.

Our Objectives

  • To continually strive for pro-active improvements with cost effective freight forwarding solutions.

  • To give customers what they want, when they want it, at a competitive price.

  • To identify and remove all activities that adds cost but not value.

  • To strive for business growth.

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